15 Secular Books Church Leaders Should Read

Alex Mills: At present, I need to share with you 15 books that may benefit every church chief. The twist, none of those books are written by church leaders themselves. As an alternative, the authors are enterprise leaders, financial specialists, FBI hostage negotiators, Navy SEALs, and more. While their vocations might differ from ours, that’s the purpose, because the wisdom inside these books is relevant anyplace. By the top of this episode, you’ll certainly have a few new books to add to your studying record. Properly, hey there, and welcome to Professional Church Instruments, the show that will help you share the message of Jesus whereas we navigate the most important communication shift in 500 years. I’m your host, Alex Mills, joined as all the time by Brady Shearer. Did you ever see the movie Moneyball?

Brady Shearer: I did, yeah. With Brad Pitt.

Alex Mills: Jonah Hill.

Brady Shearer: Yes.

Alex Mills: An ideal movie, baseball flick.

Brady Shearer: A film?

Alex Mills: Yeah, properly, you and I, we love us some baseball, and the movie centers across the premise of a baseball group that doesn’t essentially have the sum of money to spend as others. What they do is they convey in a bunch of analytical specialists to vary the best way that baseball is completed. Principally, you usher in all of this know-how and evaluation from other industries, and that experience helps them achieve their own business although their information wasn’t something that was usually taught in the sports world.

Brady Shearer: Positive.

Alex Mills: The analogy right here is that there is a lot of data that exists outdoors of the church world or outdoors of whatever business that you simply’re in that can be applicable to you, you just need to go enterprise beyond your normal area to go and get it. We’ve been doing this with Professional Church Instruments since its inception. Primarily, I might take a look at successful blogs once we first started, successful software corporations once we launched Nucleus and our different platforms, and see what these great corporations have been doing in the e mail area, within the business advertising area. Then assume, “Okay, so if they’re like a couple years ahead of what most church companies are doing, how can we start doing it sooner and then bring that innovation in.” That is additionally rather well documented in All the things Is a Remix, which is a TED speak and collection of mini films that explains there’s nothing that’s ever been new.

Brady Shearer: Right.

Alex Mills: Innovation is actually a lie, the whole lot is a few sort of fusion or combination, and that’s a very good thing. What we don’t need to do is keep nestled in our echo chamber and solely study from the individuals which might be like us as a result of then we’re limiting the power for us to increase our information and in addition increase our progressive powers.

Brady Shearer: Yeah, but don’t we all do this, especially, in the church world, we exist inside a bubble, such as you stated, an echo chamber, whether or not it’s on Twitter, whether it’s in your library. Like once you requested me about some books that I might advocate for this listing, I checked out my library at residence, received like, I don’t know, over 1000 books. I had a hard time finding very many books that weren’t written by church leaders as a result of this is like the bubble that I exist in. However a few of these books we’re going to talk about immediately, some of these books have marked me more than a number of these books on my library. It is so essential that we reach outdoors of our consolation zone, outdoors of our little Christian bubble and glean from the information, the phrases of folks as properly.

Alex Mills: 15 secular books church leaders ought to read. I don’t look after the quote unquote secular labels, it’s imperfect as all labels are, but hopefully you perceive what we’re getting at there. The first e-book known as Extreme Possession by Jocko Willink. Jocko is a former Navy SEAL. Principally, this guide is all concerning the mindset and rules of what being a Navy SEAL is like and how that applies to being in a family, operating a enterprise, operating a church. It’s highly relevant. Jocko was the kind of individual like in the event you comply with him on Twitter, daily he posts like it’s 4:30, I’m up, what are you doing that you simply like? Which is a sure brand-

Brady Shearer: I want a steak at this hour, what are you doing?

Alex Mills: No, he’s deep in a 14 hour lengthy quick, it’s very totally different, okay, in that dietary ketosis type of factor. That’s a kind of individual that you may not be like but there are things to study and glean from it.

Brady Shearer: Yeah, this subsequent guide my dad really helpful to me once I was a young person. The writer Mitch Albom, some individuals might have heard of him outdoors of his books because he’s a renowned journalist, he writes sports, he’s a playwright, he writes music as nicely. Like he is sort of a Marvel Man. This ebook he wrote referred to as Tuesdays with Morrie. He’s written a handful of books which have really marked me, however Tuesdays with Morrie is considered one of my favorite. It’s a narrative about him and certainly one of his previous professors, he hears that this professor of his has ALS, and so every Tuesday he sits down with this professor they usually simply speak about, principally, what is the which means of life? He ended up recording these periods and turned it right into a ebook. I really like this ebook and learning so much from the wisdom of this professor but in addition from Mitch’s perspective of learning from somebody older and what they have to offer. I really like this ebook.

Alex Mills: Subsequent up, The One Minute Supervisor, written by Ken Blanchard. This can be a brief ebook, just about 100 pages and it talks about three methods of efficient managers, the one minute objectives, one minute praising, and one minute reprimands. In case you are trying to take a step forward in your leadership talents, but you’re not likely feeling such as you need to invest a ton of time into an ultra lengthy ebook, this can be a really brief, virtually like a parable kind of learn.

Brady Shearer: Nice.

Alex Mills: Straightforward to digest but straightforward to glean insights from as properly. Subsequent up one ebook that I have advisable to enterprise leaders, entrepreneurs, individuals in the church area greater than any is that this e-book, it’s referred to as The E Fable Revisited by Michael Gerber. The title, it’s type of bizarre, E Fantasy Revisited, has nothing to do with E as in like know-how. It’s not like the I Fantasy, something like that. It refers to entrepreneurs, especially, and this writer believes that entrepreneurs are sometimes sort A personalities brimming with good concepts, the type of person who’s all the time like, “What if we did like crypto for like LaCroix. They’re all the time considering of the Uber but for podcasts.

Brady Shearer: Simply probably the most outrageous mashup.

Alex Mills: Exactly. It’s like nice concepts, perhaps not the most effective with execution, and what this ebook does a tremendous job of helps you acknowledge what am I good at and what ought to I be doing? Then what am I not nearly as good at and must be giving to different individuals? What am I good at however I nonetheless shouldn’t be doing and nonetheless must be giving to others? Once I first hired Mitch, our very first employee right here at Pro Church Instruments, this ebook was so necessary to me. I can nonetheless keep in mind studying it in my one bedroom house. Brittany and I had just grow to be married, simply began Pro Church Instruments, and it was so essential to assist me delegate and permit me to concentrate on what I must be doing, and never be doing what I shouldn’t be doing. Because if you’re especially in like digital, tech, social within the church, it’s often like only you and then you can begin feeling it’s a must to do every little thing. However if you want to succeed with social, with digital, you want to have the ability to construct a group and that is the most effective guide that I’ve ever learn that helped me do that.

Brady Shearer: I may need to select that ebook up for myself as a result of the temptation in church and ministry, especially, pastorally is to do lots of stuff your self and hold it with clenched fists. However it’s essential to delegate, empower different individuals, so that you get some more bandwidth out of it, however other individuals get the opportunity to develop of their management as nicely.

Alex Mills: Next up, It Doesn’t Need to Be Loopy at Work by Jason Fried. That is another brief ebook, quick to read essays. The chapters are simply a couple of pages long every, and it’s from the founders of Basecamp, which is likely one of the largest, quickest rising software platforms of all time. It is also one which is freed from big influxes of venture capital. The essential concepts right here is that you are able to do one thing superb, you’ll be able to accomplish nice things, and also you don’t need to kill yourself and your social circle, your family and friends within the process. You can do issues the correct approach and nonetheless obtain what you need to achieve. You don’t should sacrifice one for the other.

Brady Shearer: That may be a good phrase for right now. The subsequent guide is known as An Astronaut’s Information to Life on Earth. The writer, Chris Hadfield, he’s a Canadian jewel of ours. Some of you might keep in mind a number of years in the past a video of an astronaut enjoying a guitar within the area station in zero gravity. I overlook what track he performed, but that’s Chris Hadfield, he’s Canadian. In case you’ve seen One Unusual Rock on Netflix, a new documentary concerning the earth and issues, he was featured in there as properly. This isn’t a e-book that I might normally decide up. Again, shout out to my dad for recommending this to me, he purchased it for me and my brother for Christmas. He stated, “This is kind of outside of your realm of what you normally read, but you should read this.” It’s Chris’s story about turning into an astronaut and the perseverance that it took to face up to that process and his experience in area.

But how applicable it is, in the title, An Astronaut’s Information to Life on Earth. What he discovered in going by means of that grueling course of, the way it applies to not only his life on Earth now but everyone’s life on Earth. Such an ideal read, and Chris is a very, actually distinctive man. I might advocate that everybody decide up this ebook.

Alex Mills: Two books on habits, we’ve received Atomic Habits by James Clear and the Energy of Habit by Charles Duhigg. Atomic Habits I learn this yr, Power of Behavior I feel I read 5 or 6 years ago once I was first beginning Pro Church Tools. First, starting into an entrepreneur, and I was like, “Hmm, this seems to be a venture that would require a lot of self-discipline and no one else is going to make me write this blog post or reach out to this customer.” I’ve to do it of my own volition, I want to start out building habits. One of the largest rules, beliefs that I have in life is that your habits end up making your destiny. In the event you can type the suitable habits, like motivation comes and goes, willpower is a limited commodity. It does not exist in everlasting abundance. You possibly can’t belief your willpower or your motivation whereas habits, they turn out to be automated.

You don’t need to spend any cognitive energy fascinated by them constructing yourself as much as truly do it simply occurs naturally, and so how can I assemble the suitable habits now to construct the life that I would like? What is the framework for truly building habits? These two books are my two most popular ones on that aim. I’ve learn a whole lot of books on constructing habits, these two are by far the most effective.

Brady Shearer: So good.

Alex Mills: Subsequent up, Never Cut up the Difference by Chris Voss. Chris is a former worldwide hostage negotiator for the FBI, and principally, he takes all of his subject testing, his expertise with negotiations and applies it into this guide. It has so many various purposes, it might simply be your husband or wife, you’re making an attempt to make an enormous determination otherwise you’re making an attempt to determine what’s the neatest thing to do for one in every of our youngsters? You’re desirous about this, if we’ve a child and we had two decisions between this schooling, this schooling, or this sort of upbringing and this sort like what’s greatest? Because I don’t know and the way can we figure that out and how can we speak by means of that with somebody a special entity that isn’t you? It could possibly be another person in church.

You’re on the identical staff however you each have totally different concepts and also you’re both like how can we negotiate by way of this stuff in a approach that’s mutually useful for each? Now this ebook title does recommend that you simply by no means cut up the distinction, so that you all the time get your approach which is what drew me to it at first.

Brady Shearer: The ebook does some very fascinating although.

Alex Mills: I’ve obtained three books on funds and investing, which I feel is so necessary for young individuals, for millennials. We’re seeing with boomers right now that perhaps they didn’t save up or invest as much as they need to have, they usually’re retiring quite a bit later. One, because we’re dwelling longer, which is nice, however extra importantly than that, it’s just we don’t have one thing to fall again on. Should you grow up and also you’re main in church, you’re employed by a church, you’re not going to be like, “My dad who was a firefighter for 27 years who has a great pension or-”

Brady Shearer: What’s a pension?

Alex Mills: … his brother who is a schoolteacher, alongside together with his wife, and I used to be with them this weekend, they’re like, “Yeah, four more years and then I get my full salary for the next 1100 years, however long I live. That’s not something that exists for most churches, maybe a denomination comes and steps in, maybe you’re non-denomination or part of a fellowship doesn’t have the same type of structure and it doesn’t have that. What’s great about finances is that you don’t have to have a ton of money to set yourself up for success long term if you can commit to doing the right things the younger that you are. These three books, number one, I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi. Read this probably six years ago, the premise of this book is, look, the way to build wealth is not to skip on the latte that you’re trying to, “If I can just not spend $5.”

There are much greater issues, greater fish to fry, which was actually liberating for me once I read this e-book because once I read it, Pro Church Instruments was in its infancy. My spouse was working in insurance, she was working a night job doing retail, after which I might simply sit at house in my bathrobe all day like finagling with WordPress themes and being like, “Guess what, I fixed the Nav menu.” He’s like, “Okay, I’m going to go sell things at [crosstalk 00:12:55].”

Brady Shearer: How a lot money do you make? Properly, I had to purchase a plug in, and-

Alex Mills: The first theme I purchased, it wasn’t good, I bought a brand new theme. Now I know I purchased a brand new theme yesterday, let me inform you about themes. They’re an funding, it’s value sensible. This guide was liberating as a result of it was saying issues such as you’re not going to build the financial freedom that you want by ignoring Starbucks. It’s identical to that’s such a small factor within the grand scheme of issues, what you might want to focus more on is earning power and on subscriptions which might be filled with charges which you could truly negotiate down. You just give the financial institution a call, when you simply give the cable TV company a call, and listed here are cable TV after which here six years ago. There’s a new revised model of this guide that got here out this yr, ad so that’s nice. This next guide is known as The Latte Issue, and the guide is about when you just skipped your latte perpetually, it will let you be rich by the top of your life.

It’s 100 pages long, it’s a parable, principally. It’s a narrative, it’s a one, the entire e-book is a narrative. It’s nothing else, it’s by a guy named David Bach who is sort of the properly famend financial professional.

Brady Shearer: What did you select? Did you’re taking the advice from the primary guide and buy the lattes?

Alex Mills: Nicely, I read this e-book, particularly, as a result of I used to be like, “This is opposite to what Ramit said.” I needed to know what are different individuals saying? The purpose of the guide wasn’t essentially that the latte was the problem, however the writer is suggesting all of us have these small issues, that if we got rid of them, our quality of life wouldn’t change. The individual within the Latte Issue, they really needed to journey. The mentor that comes alongside them in this parable exhibits them like, “Well, if you just cut out these three or four things, you would be able to travel.” What do you actually need in life? Considered one of my school professors all the time stated this and it all the time caught with me. He’s like, “You can do anything, you can’t do everything.”

If you wish to travel, but you additionally need to have these superb dinners every single night time with your mates, nicely, which one do you want extra? All of us have these little things which might be like latte, perhaps it’s a latte. For me, I don’t assume I might surrender top quality espresso. I do know you may.

Brady Shearer: No.

Alex Mills: No, you may not. You couldn’t both.

Brady Shearer: I couldn’t.

Alex Mills: However there are issues that we might hand over if that meant attaining the issues that we actually need. I know that you simply do this, as have I constructing this company, and this guide is a superb parable for that. It’s particularly for the each one that’s like, “Investing scares me, money scares me.” My mother and father perhaps weren’t good with money, so I didn’t grow up with good understanding of methods to be disciplined and how not to rack up a ton of credit debt and things like that. The final guide, it’s referred to as the Little Ebook of Widespread Sense Investing by John Bogle. This ebook will walk you through investing, should you’re new to it, if it seems scary, this e-book will share how you are able to do it. For me, I’ve been investing now for a couple years, first of the month is once I do all my setting aside of money that goes into my investment accounts. So I did it this morning, truly, and I went into my account and I truly did it all myself as a result of I’ve like a self-directed factor.

A couple of years ago, that may been terrifying to me, I’m setting limit charges and I’m selecting the precise index funds and all this stuff. It was like because of these books, I perceive it now and I’m doing these small issues at age 28 that don’t appear to be a lot. However once you’re 58 and also you’ve been doing these small things for 30 years, the compound curiosity of that’s going to be incredible. It’s fairly actually a miracle, compound curiosity. The rationale we’re including monetary books in it’s because I actually consider that the extra healthy you’re as a pacesetter, the extra in a position you’re to steer a healthy church. I’ve present in my life, and I’ve gone via a current season of this, when I’m not taking good care of myself, all the things else suffers enormously, Pro Church Instruments suffers, my parenting suffers, my spousal duties endure, my body suffers, and it wakes up and it’s like, “Why do you hate me? Why do you treat me this manner?

That’s why me being healthy as Brady is an important thing if I need to be a healthy leader. That’s why we’re including things like this, we know that cash is likely one of the largest stressors in life, it’s one of the leading causes of divorce and separation and couples conflict. If you will get it found out, remove that massive stressor, now how far more freedom do you will have together with your cognitive thought? You’re all the time stressing about cash, so you possibly can take into consideration other things. Now you’re that a lot better of a pacesetter as a result of you have got prolonged and expanded bandwidth to be that.

Brady Shearer: As church leaders, if we will get ahold of this, especially, these of us who’re younger, if we will get ahold of this now and discover ways to steward our assets nicely now, then we will model that. We don’t even necessarily want to teach it from the stage all the time, however we will mannequin that way of life so that the individuals who come in and out of our church through the years of time that we’re in management at church can grab ahold of that mannequin and they are often healthier as nicely and set themselves up and then their youngsters for fulfillment in the future.

Alex Mills: Steal the Present is the subsequent guide on the record by Michael Port. This can be a guide about public speaking. There’s a whole lot of books on preaching, plenty of books on educating the Bible. In the event you’re trying to increase your talents in relation to public talking, this can be a super nice ebook that may in all probability train you different things that we discovered in hermeneutics. That’s what the course known as for preaching hermeneutics.

Brady Shearer: Yeah.

Alex Mills: Proper.

Brady Shearer: The memory.

Alex Mills: Then it’s hermeneutics, which can also be for preaching nevertheless it’s totally different.

Brady Shearer: Yeah, it’s the act of deciphering the scripture.

Alex Mills: In fact, after which hermeneutics is being like, “No, we’ll tell you all of the things that God has told me.”

Brady Shearer: You and I both went to Bible faculty, I don’t know, did you do a hermeneutics course?

Alex Mills: I did.

Brady Shearer: Oh, right, because you went for youth ministry so that might have been part of it. I did the same factor, and also you study lots of public speaking tools but which might be very specific to delivering a sermon type public discourse. However there are such a lot of ideas and tips that so many nice public audio system use to earn consideration, to take care of attention, to share a message. That’s what this is all about, sharing the message of Jesus. I haven’t learn this guide, but we’ve chatted about it and it feels like an incredible one.

Alex Mills: Second to final on the record, quantity 14 is a e-book referred to as Abundance, and I keep in mind distinctly listening to this on Audible. That is where we inject our Audible copy because this all has been aroused to No, that’s not true. We’ve never achieved that [crosstalk 00:19:14]. Actually, an enormous firm reached out to me this week and stated, “Can we sponsor some of your Instagram posts?”

Brady Shearer: How about-

Alex Mills: “Would you like to be an influencer?” I used to be like, “Properly, we simply don’t do this. We never do promoted posts, we never do advertisements, it’s simply not what we’re about.

Brady Shearer: You’ll be able to reach out to me, though.

Alex Mills: Oh, my gosh. Yeah, for those who reach out to alexander.mill, so you’ll be able to I get what you’re in search of.

Brady Shearer: to get your free trial and you may download a replica of this guide without spending a dime.

Alex Mills: Abundance by Peter Diamandis, and keep in mind, we’re listening to this on a trip to Mexico with my wife and daughter, and I keep in mind listening to it within the five star… or no, no, was it was nonetheless referred to as when you’ll be able to eat and drink no matter you want at the-

Brady Shearer: All inclusive.

Alex Mills: That’s the one, all inclusive resort. I was within the health club because, in fact, I’m in Mexico in the health club. Take heed to this guide, the guide is all about an analytical case for optimism on the planet. You assume the world is going to utterly deteriorate 100% and all the things’s horrible, however an enormous purpose you assume that’s because social media permits us to spotlight all the worst things more than we ever might earlier than. The place in actuality, excessive poverty, violence, all of this stuff are at historic lows. It makes the case for even better things sooner or later. I keep in mind listening to this and it was speaking about how electric automobiles might do X, Y, and Z, and this was three years in the past. That’s more of an precise factor now, individuals are truly driving electrical automobiles all around.

Brady Shearer: It’s something to be optimistic about.

Alex Mills: It makes a very good case for all of these issues, which I feel is sweet. It’s really easy to grow to be cynical and this can be an antidote for that.

Brady Shearer: Yeah. Okay, this last one is a little bit of a wild card. I do know that we’re doing 15 books not written by church leaders.

Alex Mills: I stated this doesn’t rely.

Brady Shearer: Once I say the identify C. S. Lewis, plenty of us assume, “Oh, a church leader.” However in his time, he would unlikely have been regarded that approach. He’s written books like Mere Christianity and what’s it referred to as, The Nice Divorce. Lots of books that speak very poignantly to Christianity. However The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, particularly, and in addition all seven Chronicles of Narnia, I sort of take without any consideration that everyone has read these books. Once more, I’m sure-

Alex Mills: Your mother read them to me like 100 occasions.

Brady Shearer: Precisely like shout out to my dad, we had that huge espresso that had all seven books in it. For years once I was a kid, before mattress every night time, we just learn via it entrance to again. We just all the time studying The Chronicles of Narnia. I take without any consideration that folks have learn all these books. But should you haven’t learn The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, and in case you’re a mum or dad, in the event you haven’t learn this together with your youngsters, I feel that is the right guide to do it. Because, yes, it’s allegorical and you may see the kingdom of heaven throughout it, which is superior. But I feel it’s just a great fiction story. I’m not a fiction reader, I’d by no means learn fiction, but C. S. Lewis is such an awesome writer, the story is so lovely. For teenagers and even for adults alike, I feel it could open a door to love this childlike sense of marvel that I feel we might all make use of.

Should you haven’t read it as an adult do it, and for those who’re a father or mother in search of one thing to read together with your youngsters, these are a number of the fondest reminiscences I have with my dad are reading those books every night time. Begin with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, and get the opposite six as nicely.

Alex Mills: 15 books for church leaders written by non-church leaders. When you have further recommendations, we’d love to listen to them. Throw them within the feedback under on this YouTube video or shoot us an e-mail [email protected] That’ll do it for this episode and we’ll see you subsequent time.