How To Get MORE Likes & Followers On Social Media With Contests

Brady Shearer: A easy and straightforward option to get extra followers and likes on social media is to run a contest or giveaway, but beware, as a result of some of these promotions can flip sideways for those who don’t comply with greatest practices. By the top of this podcast, you’ll know the instruments, the methods, and the frameworks wanted to run a profitable contest on social media.
Alex Mills: Properly hey there, and welcome to Pro Church Tools, the present that will help you share the message of Jesus, whereas we navigate the most important communication shift in 500 years. I’m your host, Alex Mills, joined as all the time by Brady Shearer.
Brady Shearer: Alex, if you want to jumpstart social platform, as a result of it’s brand new, or if you want to jumpstart a stagnant social platform that’s lost momentum.
Alex Mills: We’ve all been there.
Brady Shearer: You possibly can run a contest or a giveaway on social media. I all the time assume that there are two varieties of contest. There’s the essential contest, after which there’s the advanced contest/giveaway. To give examples, a primary contest can be something easy, the place you possibly can announce from stage.
Brady Shearer: “Hey, we’re going to give away a $25 gift card to Frijoles, everyone’s favorite Mexican restaurant in Niagara Falls,” In fact, substitute that in your personal native restaurant that everybody loves. “All you need to do is like us on Facebook. Next week, or in two weeks, we are going to randomly select one person that likes our Facebook page, and they will be given away that gift card.”
Brady Shearer: Sneaker accounts on Instagram do that on a regular basis. We’ve received an upcoming shoe that’s popping out, and if you’re watching this, it should have came out last week. It’s the Travis Scott Cactus Jack Air Jordan 1s. Highly coveted, there’s virtually no probability you can buy them, and one of the reasons for that is as a result of they are being given away virtually solely by way of raffles.
Brady Shearer: This can be a bit totally different from a contest or giveaway. You don’t win the shoe, you win the opportunity to buy the shoe at its retail worth. What a chance. What a privilege.
Alex Mills: What a world we’re dwelling in.
Brady Shearer: As an example, there’s a Canadian road wear store in Toronto referred to as Deadstock, or Livestock… it’s referred to as Livestock, however their website is, and Deadstock is a reference to footwear which have never been worn anyplace. This is getting off monitor so shortly.
Brady Shearer: We do one sneakers and preachers, preachers and sneakers episode.
Alex Mills: How can we squeeze sneakers into every episode? We’re doing it.
Brady Shearer: What was I saying?
Alex Mills: Talking concerning the contests that they run.
Brady Shearer: Proper, so the best way that they run it is a very primary contest, the place you must comply with their account on Instagram, you must like the publish concerning the shoe, and you then’ve acquired to try this factor, tag three pals, which everyone loves. Don’t you’re keen on once you get tagged in a contest?
Alex Mills: Yeah.
Brady Shearer: That’s a very primary method of doing it, however there’s more superior ways of doing it as properly. You need to use a device like, and primarily run a complicated contest, where individuals can earn entries based mostly on actions that they fulfill. We’ve completed this prior to now, the place we’ve given away a Panasonic GH5, for example.
Brady Shearer: The best way the Professional Church Nation can enter, and get probably the most entries potential is to complete numerous totally different duties. You can comply with us on Instagram, you would comply with us on Facebook, you can comply with us on Twitter, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel, you may subscribe to our e mail listing.
Alex Mills: They usually’re all value one other entry.
Brady Shearer: Or, perhaps ones that you simply value most are value like three, and then a like on Facebook is value one, and a software like, which is a paid contest promotion platform, can enable you to do something like this. There are other entries that you may do. Gleam gives commenting on the weblog submit, checking in on Facebook, which is perhaps useful for churches, following on Snapchat, signing up for a publication, following on Twitter.
Brady Shearer: I do need to make a remark right here, that Instagram and Facebook disallow you from using the API to track if somebody completes an entry, akin to following your page on Facebook, or following your account on Instagram. There are workarounds for this. You’ll be able to create a call to action in Gleam on entry, that’s value one level, or three factors, no matter you need to numerate it.
Brady Shearer: It primarily says comply with us on Instagram, and then what you do is you create a link, a button that claims comply with, and you then just link to your Instagram account. Then, most people will click comply with, because in their thoughts, in the event that they don’t click comply with, they gained’t earn that entry.
Brady Shearer: It’s towards Instagram’s terms of service, at the very least on the time of this recording, to use their API to track someone following you, and so if they clicked on that link…
Alex Mills: They’re going to get that entry anyhow.
Brady Shearer: Exactly. They don’t know that, and so most individuals will comply with you, however you’re not allowed to leverage the API for that function.
Alex Mills: It additionally ought to be famous that, for these more advanced contests with extra opportunities to do things to get entries, individuals are solely going to be prepared to try this increased work if the competition, if the prize is value it.
Brady Shearer: That’s a very good point.
Alex Mills: We run a contest like this, like you stated for an instance, for a digital camera, a GH5, a $2000 digital camera, so I’m prepared to place in the work. There is a contest I entered final yr that was for $117,000 value of video gear. It was only a lot. The issues that I did to enter that contest have been lots, I understand.
Alex Mills: I’m prepared to place within the work here to spend 10 minutes getting into for this contest, and getting all these entries, because the prize shall be value it. But when the prize is just not a $2000 digital camera, it’s a $20 present card, and you’re asking individuals to do 10 various things to get entries, it isn’t going to be that value it for them.
Alex Mills: That primary contest, the primary example, is extra fitted to one thing like comply with, tag your mates, what have you. These extra advanced contest entry strategies must be held for greater, extra substantial prizes.
Brady Shearer: There’s often also a relation between how onerous someone will work to enter a contest, and their believability that they will win the competition.
Alex Mills: Yeah, that’s true.
Brady Shearer: One of many things you are able to do to stack the deck in your favor is to have multiple prize. You’ll be able to have the grand prize, and then you can have a secondary prize that there’s 5 of them, after which you possibly can have a 3rd prize that there’s 20 of them. Individuals of their thoughts are like, “It’s probably unlikely that I win this one, but the fact that they’re giving away 25 individual prizes to individuals, that greatly increases my odds of winning. It’s not the lottery, I have more chance to win.”
Brady Shearer: In fact, you may also do that entry procedure the place you possibly can earn more entries. It’s sort of like if you go to a sports recreation, they usually have the raffle. It’s like five for $10, or 100 for $20. You’re like, “I’ve got to spend $20, and it’s going to give me 100 entries. That’s not just one, I have so many entries.”
Brady Shearer: You would do one thing comparable with a platform like, you don’t just simply like a web page, and get one entry, you can do all of this stuff, and you will get 25 entries. That increases a person’s believability, their faith that they will truly win the contest, and once they truly consider they have an opportunity, they are so more likely to complete those.
Brady Shearer: I’ve stopped liking these Instagram raffles of footwear. I did a bunch of them, and I never gained. I was like, “Wait a minute, this has 33,000 likes. One in 33,000.”
Alex Mills: Yeah, that’s not excellent odds.
Brady Shearer: I can’t tag my buddies, and upset them by way of a shoe tag for a one in 33,000 probability.
Alex Mills: It’s not value it.
Brady Shearer: That’s just not sensible. That’s just dangerous knowledge. When do you have to use a contest? Once you’re starting a brand new social platform, so you could have zero followers, let’s say you’re jumping on Instagram as a church for the primary time. I really like doing a giveaway then, because it may possibly get you a pleasant improve of followers at first.
Brady Shearer: We’ve finished that with YouTube once we launched our channel, we’ve carried out that with Instagram, I consider, prior to now as properly. You can even do it if you end up making an attempt to revive one thing that’s struggling. The analogy I like to make use of with contests is you’re pouring gasoline on a fireplace.
Brady Shearer: It’s not a sustainable technique. It must be used very intermittently, and infrequently, however it is something that can assist something struggling, revive it actually shortly, get an enormous burst.
Alex Mills: You may as well do it for those who’re selling a new ministry, or an event that you simply’re internet hosting. We simply did this at our church. We’re internet hosting a ladies’s convention on Mothers’ Day weekend. We ran some Facebook advertisements, I feel we put $50 or $100 behind some Facebook advertisements, with a 20 kilometer radius of our church, what have you.
Alex Mills: That type of seems like anonymous faces. I don’t know who these advertisements are getting delivered to, so we also determined to run a contest. We reached out to an area florist. The competition didn’t value us something, because we reached out to the local florist, requested them in the event that they needed to make a spring planter.
Alex Mills: They stated, “Absolutely.” They gave it to us, and then we have been capable of run this contest on Instagram, say, “Hey,” didn’t ask for a like, didn’t ask for a comply with, as a result of we didn’t want follows. We have been making an attempt to generate awareness. We simply stated, “Hey, tag your friends for a chance to win this spring planter. Who do you want to bring to Bloom Conference?”
Alex Mills: These are real people who are tagging other real individuals, doubtless in our group, and it was all without spending a dime. Even in case you don’t have that $50 or $100 finances for Fb advertisements to extend consciousness for an event or a brand new ministry, you possibly can attain out, probably, to an area restaurant, or an area vendor.
Alex Mills: Generally, they’re going to be comfortable to provide that to you, because they’re getting one thing out of the transaction as properly. They’re getting publicity. You possibly can generate consciousness for whatever you’re making an attempt to push, free of charge. This can be a actually great opportunity for churches of any measurement, with any finances.
Brady Shearer: The headline of this episode is using contests to get extra followers and extra likes, but you need to use it additionally to only get extra consciousness. It’s a useful gizmo when used sparingly, and I want to emphasize that, as a result of this isn’t one thing that you should use each month, every three months.
Brady Shearer: We’ve carried out it perhaps every year, as soon as each six months. We haven’t carried out it, I feel, in virtually 18 months at this point. One of many reasons for that is that there is a potential downside. Contemplate this. Let’s say you run a contest or giveaway that earns you 100 new followers.
Brady Shearer: Let’s say your church had 900 followers, for clear math, earlier than that. Now you’ve gotten 1000 followers, but now, 10% of your audience, the place before it was 0%, ideally, 10% of your audience adopted you not as a result of they beloved the content you have been publishing on Instagram, however they adopted you for the only objective of being eligible to win one thing.
Brady Shearer: As soon as that contest is over, those followers, that 10% is significantly less more likely to interact together with your content on social, as a result of that’s not why they followed you to start with. The individuals I comply with on social, I comply with because I like their content, and so I’m more likely to interact with it, and that shoe account is a superb, nice instance of that.
Brady Shearer: Livestock has about 200,000 followers on social media, on Instagram, and right now, I feel that submit for these Travis Scott AJ1s had 40,000 likes. Big engagement. 40,000 out of 200,000 is large. In the event you go to their common posts, it’s closer to 500 likes, and 500 likes on an account of 200,000 is like a zero.three engagement fee. That’s really dangerous.
Brady Shearer: My private Instagram has about 17,000 followers, and we get about 500 likes on common publish, which is nice. It’s 3%, that’s good for us. It’s 10 occasions more engaged than the Livestock Instagram was, as a result of they’re all the time operating these raffles for footwear, and it’s nice for producing massive numbers and followers, and in case your complete enterprise mannequin is built upon something like this, which a sneaker account is, and it really works, as a result of once more, you’re raffling the opportunity to buy.
Brady Shearer: You’re not raffling something away totally free. It works, but you’ll be able to create this increased amount of followers that may lower your general quality of engagement. It isn’t just the 10%, let’s say, of latest followers you get. That can problematically trickle into your other followers, as a result of if abruptly your engagement price drops, and it’s going to drop fast, because you’re going to get a huge inflow of followers in a short while body, the algorithms will notice that.
Brady Shearer: It gained’t go unnoticed, and so what they’ll see is, “Wait a minute, this engagement has dropped. Maybe we should show less followers this churches content.” So now, those junkie followers have impacted the great ones. I’ve seen this occur earlier than with our e mail listing, and with our YouTube channel, where we ran a contest, after which, at the least from my perspective, it seemed like our general engagement dropped, not simply proportion sensible, but volume clever.
Brady Shearer: We had all these new followers and subscribers, but we have been getting less views per video, or a decrease click on fee per e-mail that we despatched out, and I needed to work pretty aggressively to then prune that listing, after which to work by means of that, because I’m very, very protective of our engagement rates on social, because our whole firm is constructed upon content.
Brady Shearer: For those who type of spam those lists, you undermine the whole lot that you simply’ve completed to accomplish that. I do exactly need to be very, very clear concerning the potential downsides. That’s my expertise.
Alex Mills: You’re saying that it’s a danger value taking, just not so typically?
Brady Shearer: I feel it’s value doing perhaps every year. Doing it when you have got a new account, as a result of you’ll be able to’t harm an engagement price of zero.
Alex Mills: Proper, yes.
Brady Shearer: In case you’re starting a brand new social platform-
Alex Mills: It’s solely up from there, yeah.
Brady Shearer: Exactly. For those who leverage your present church that is obviously liking your content already, once we do contests, what we don’t do is run Facebook advertisements to the world. We’ll principally use our present viewers, like Pro Church Nation. What we did once we stated individuals on Fb, or individuals on our e-mail listing, subscribe on YouTube.
Brady Shearer: They have been more likely to take pleasure in our YouTube content. The only cause they wouldn’t is that if perhaps they weren’t YouTube customers typically, which may still create that draw back that I simply talked about, nevertheless it’s lesser to a degree than simply some random individual following your stuff, which is nearly going to be a useless individual, 100%.
Brady Shearer: Last ideas we need to mention. Be sure that to announce and submit the winner of your contest. I keep in mind we did that GH5 giveaway, and we had a substantial variety of emails, a dozen that have been like, “Are you actually going to give away this camera, or are you just doing this for the followers?”
Alex Mills: That’s like wait, what?
Brady Shearer: Why do you assume I’m such a nasty individual? Publicly announce it, publicly publish it, as a result of individuals do have this cynical nature. They only assume that a model is making an attempt to tear them off. They’re having to provide you worth before you give them worth, and it’s simply individuals are cynical, and so that you’ve obtained to just remember to script that drawback.
Alex Mills: Once we ran that contest a couple of weeks ago, we made positive to do three issues. First, create a brand new submit with the winner announcement, do a story that expires in 24 hours with the winner announcement, but in addition be sure to go and update the original contest submit.
Alex Mills: Return, hit that caption, say replace, put some purple circle, so it will get individuals’s attention. Replace, contest closed, congrats to whoever.
Brady Shearer: This is the reason using a device like is nice, because on the contest web page, you possibly can announce the winner there. If anybody goes to the contest web page the place they entered, relatively than emailing you, they’ll be like, “Oh, the winner was announced here.” Good.
Alex Mills: “I had a one in 33,000 chance, makes sense.”
Brady Shearer: “And I have learned my lesson.” Again, emphasizing that this isn’t a sustainable technique. It shouldn’t be utilized in a recurring basis. Use it as one-offs, as a particular device. Additionally, it is value mentioning the principles here. They modify on a regular basis, so it’s not likely value us discussing this in a content platform the place we can’t edit it, like a weblog publish.
Brady Shearer: Do examine on the newest rules and terms of service, with Instagram, and Facebook, and all these social platforms, because these contests, as we have now made observe of, they get exploited. They get manipulated, and the social platforms will create new guidelines, and restrict their APIs to ensure that their consumer’s experiences usually are not being downgraded, because of marketers making an attempt to increase likes and follows cheaply.
Brady Shearer: Two instruments that we use. I’ve talked about this a number of occasions, it’s the one I like to recommend., G-L-E-A-M. Also,, like helicopter, nevertheless it’s a raffle. It’s a I’ve heard good things about them, haven’t used them personally, but additionally they have a reputable platform.
Brady Shearer: Anything to say? I needed to speak about what to truly give away.
Alex Mills: Oh, that’s nice.
Brady Shearer: I’ve no concepts, so I would like you to place your concepts within the comments. We obviously mentioned the present card, which I feel is all the time nice, but for church buildings specifically, in the event you’ve run a contest, is there something that you simply found was working for you?
Brady Shearer: On the YouTube page, on, put your reply in the comments under, because I all the time do wrestle with arising with the thought of what to provide away, and with Professional Church we’ve finished iPad. iPads are all the time a good idea, as a result of they’re a universally loved software.
Brady Shearer: They value a lot of money although, they usually’re not likely private to your audience.
Alex Mills: Yeah, typically it lacks context.
Brady Shearer: One factor I’ll say about giveaways, churches do that on a regular basis. Don’t give away something that’s obviously in your personal self-interest. “You’re going to get our worship record.”
Alex Mills: You’re getting the swag bag.
Brady Shearer: “You won’t believe how many coffee mugs with our logo you’re going to get in your house.”
Alex Mills: You need a pen. There’s a pen in here. It’s a church mug, just filled with church pens. I guess you need to win this.
Brady Shearer: Would you want stationery with our emblem on it? To start with, who even makes use of paper?
Alex Mills: What’s stationery? Where would you like me to place this sticker?
Brady Shearer: Things that you’ve found useful for making a gift of, put them within the feedback. That’ll do it for this episode of Professional Church Instruments, we’ll see you subsequent time.