The ‘Church Invitation’ Social Media Template (11 Examples)

Brady Shearer: For the previous few months I’ve been experimenting with a new sort of social media template for church buildings, and amazingly, this kind of publish has shortly grow to be one of the well-liked within our social program, and lots of of churches are seeing nice engagement numbers with this type of submit. On this podcast, you’ll study all about what I wish to name the church invitation template, and we’ll share with you 11 real examples of what it could appear to be.

Alex Mills: Nicely, hey there and welcome to Professional Church Instruments, the show that will help you share the message of Jesus while we attempt to navigate the most important communication shift in 500 years. I’m your host, Alex Mills, joined as all the time by Brady Shearer.

Brady Shearer: Each month, Alex, lots of of churches depend on me to create social media content material for them, which may really feel like fairly a burden, as a result of if you sit right down to a Google spreadsheet and you see 31 clean days and also you had the artistic requirements that I do, as a result of I’m a one on the Enneagram, which suggests I am a perfectionist, which suggests every month I’ve to start out over and create a perfect collection of month-to-month social media posts. And, because stop the scroll and repeat equals defeat is so true on social media, I can’t just hold redoing the same issues again and again.

Alex Mills: Positive.

Brady Shearer: I’m all the time making an attempt to create new issues. I’m making an attempt to discover new forms of templates and content material that may work on social. One month, I created a publish that principally used a little bit of misdirection and a bit of little bit of trolling and to invite someone to church, and churches beloved it, after which I sort of went away from it and you then came to me and stated …

Alex Mills: Nicely, I brought it up and thought because churches love that submit a lot, and our church is utilizing the social media program as properly, I was considering to myself, “Oh man, I would love to have an invitation to church post every week.” So like, each Saturday as an example. We speak lots about seizing the 167 and not pointing rather a lot again to your past Sunday service or ahead to your subsequent Sunday service through the week and utilizing social as ministry to interact individuals where they’re at.
But, I assumed that there was a spot for that church invitation submit, particularly on a Saturday, and I assumed there must be one for every week. I chatted with you about it and we gave it a shot, and the response was extremely constructive. Churches have been like, “Oh yeah, this is great for us. It checks off, you know, four posts per month.” Out of those 31 posts, four of them, 4 Saturdays, we know our church invitation publish, and our church buildings responding rather well to this. Individuals love these posts and so we’re operating with this concept.

Brady Shearer: Primarily, the publish could be very simple. It goes stay on a Saturday and it comes up with a brand new approach, as a result of repeat equals defeat, so you already know, I’m all the time trying to find a brand new approach to share this message, but the message is straightforward. Church is tomorrow, we’ll see you there. Repeat equals defeat signifies that, visually, you all the time want one of these publish to look distinctive.

Alex Mills: Positive.

Brady Shearer: You by no means want it to look totally different, however you need to use the same sort of template so long as it’s a special method of carrying out that template. That’s what we do four.33 Saturdays every single month, some are 5, most are 4, where we now have to create a new sort of church invitation submit. Actually, there are three advantages to any such publish. The first is that it builds anticipation for church tomorrow.

Alex Mills: In fact.

Brady Shearer: Because lots of people don’t attend church as a lot as they used to, seeing a reminder on Saturday could be tremendous helpful, simply, “Oh, church is tomorrow,” and that may be a reminder. “Oh yeah. Okay, that means I got to get up at this time and I got to get the family ready and we’re going to head to church,” and that’s nice. They’re enthusiastic about it. They’re excited for me. I’m excited for them. That’s actually the second benefit, is that you simply show to your congregation that every single Sunday is particular.

Alex Mills: Sure.

Brady Shearer: My good friend Stephen Brewster, he likes to say there’s no such factor as simply, you understand, one other Sunday. Each Sunday is exclusive and every Sunday is special as a result of life change can occur and must be occurring each single week, which signifies that there’s no such factor as a throwaway Sunday. For those who publish every single Saturday a “see you tomorrow at church” factor, and again, it’s not simply black textual content on a white background.

Alex Mills: Positive.

Brady Shearer: It’s the same factor every Saturday. Each single Saturday, you’re arising with a new artistic strategy to invite individuals to church the day earlier than. It demonstrates to your congregation. “Man, if they’re going to work this hard on the invitation, the service is going to be really special.”

Alex Mills: Tomorrow’s going to be great.

Brady Shearer: Precisely. Then, the third and remaining profit, Alex mentioned it earlier, it sort of crosses off at some point of the seven every single week.

Alex Mills: Yeah.

Brady Shearer: You’ve solely six days of the week that it is advisable fill in with different social media content, because you already know each single Saturday there’s a church invitation publish, which is tremendous useful for our planning. We all know that folks love social media calendars, which is sort of what impressed the social program a few yr in the past. This church invitation submit, it wasn’t a part of our unique social program. It wasn’t part of my type of like consciousness of what I needed to create for it.

Alex Mills: Yeah.

Brady Shearer: However, what’s great about having tons of of church buildings using your content material is that you simply get actual feedback from real congregations and real ministries.

Alex Mills: Yep.

Brady Shearer: This new template, the church invitation template has been dynamite for us. Let’s walk via 11 totally different examples. The first instance, which was the OG, the unique church invitation.

Alex Mills: Sure, and my favourite.

Brady Shearer: Oh, your favorite?

Alex Mills: My favorite.

Brady Shearer: I’ve simply been downhill from there? I peaked approach too early.

Alex Mills: It was a stroke of genius.

Brady Shearer: I’ve never been capable of recreate it.

Alex Mills: Yeah.

Brady Shearer: Primarily, this was a slideshow publish. We turned it into a single image so you would use it on Fb, but the unique instance was meant for Instagram. Primarily, there’s two movies. The first video merely says, “What has three legs, one tail, but weighs nothing?”

Alex Mills: I feel one of many causes this one is my favorite because it jogs my memory of one in every of my favourite jokes. What’s inexperienced and has wheels?

Brady Shearer: I don’t know.

Alex Mills: Grass, I lied concerning the wheels.

Brady Shearer: Oh my gosh, why am I pals with you? Why does anyone use our social packages? Because, it’s primarily the identical joke.

Alex Mills: Yeah.

Brady Shearer: I lied concerning the wheels, Pastor Alex.

Alex Mills: I do know.

Brady Shearer: The first slide, it’s a video. What has three legs, one tail, however weighs nothing? You then swipe, because it says swipe to get the answer. You then swipe to the subsequent slide, which simply says, “No idea. But, now that we have your attention, this is us inviting you to church. See you there.”

Alex Mills: Savage.

Brady Shearer: It’s an ideal move.

Alex Mills: Yep.

Brady Shearer: That was the unique one, and since then we’ve created and recreated this idea in so many various ways. The second example was what we call the jackpot church invitation. Primarily, you’ve gotten a type of machines that you simply’d see in a on line casino…

Alex Mills: A slot machine.

Brady Shearer: That’s what it’s referred to as. We’ve talked about this submit before, and I additionally couldn’t keep in mind the phrase, however the slot machine.

Alex Mills: That’s an excellent sign, it means you don’t frequent the on line casino very often.

Brady Shearer: Yeah.

Alex Mills: What does it say about me?

Brady Shearer: I’m virtue signaling by forgetting totally different names of items.

Alex Mills: Nice, good.

Brady Shearer: You pull the slot machine handle, set off, handle, slider.

Alex Mills: I don’t know. I don’t go to the on line casino either, so I don’t know.

Brady Shearer: Thing-a-ma-jig, and you then undergo all the totally different choices. What are you going to get? Perhaps you’re gonna get that quantity seven.

Alex Mills: Cherries.

Brady Shearer: The cherries. Oh wow, the first one pops up and it’s a church emoji, and the second, it’s a church emoji.

Alex Mills: Third one, you guessed it.

Brady Shearer: It’s a church emoji, and then all of those a handclap emojis come throughout the display.

Alex Mills: The cash begins falling.

Brady Shearer: No, come on.

Alex Mills: [crosstalk 00:06:43]

Brady Shearer: Pastor Alex. Then it’s simply says, “We’ll see you tomorrow at Church.” I was displaying this instance at a breakout that I was at and there was, you already know, a few hundred church leaders there, they usually have been watching it unfold in actual time they usually have been like, “What’s going to happen?” The entire room burst out laughing when it landed on this, as a result of it’s funny.

Alex Mills: Yeah.

Brady Shearer: It’s, you realize, it’s corny in fact, however it’s pleasurable. It provides you a chuckle, and that’s what you’re making an attempt to perform with these church invitation posts.

Alex Mills: Positive.

Brady Shearer: They’re meant to be lighthearted.

Alex Mills: Yeah.

Brady Shearer: They’re meant to be, you realize, hopefully a bit of bit cheeky and funny. The third instance was a crossword the place the answer to the three phrase crossword was church gathers tomorrow.

Alex Mills: Good.

Brady Shearer: The fourth example, this one was a countdown. Primarily, on the video model of this submit, it stated, “We have exciting news to share,” and then there was a three, two, one countdown. Everyone’s like, “Oh my gosh, the pastor’s leaving. Oh my gosh, we’re planting a new campus.”

Alex Mills: Oh no.

Brady Shearer: “Oh my goodness, there’s a new service time being added. Oh, the pastors having another baby. This is going to be amazing.” Three, two, one, “Church is tomorrow, we’ll see you there.” Received them again with the misdirect. Instance quantity five, breaking information, and you get that tacky information …

Alex Mills: Like, decrease third type of graphic.

Brady Shearer: … emblem [inaudible 00:07:53] breaking news. Which, on Twitter, news retailers use this so nicely.

Alex Mills: Oh yeah.

Brady Shearer: Sports activities retailers use this. They may lead any tweet that’s remotely newsworthy with breaking and you then’re like, “Oh my goodness, what’s happening? Oh, something that’s in consequential.”

Alex Mills: The NBA draft is in nine weeks. Thanks.

Brady Shearer: Breaking: the Pelicans have earned the number one draft decide. We sort of took that concept, it says, “Breaking news: church is tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you there.” Instance quantity six, this is sort of a wheel of fortune fashion church is tomorrow marquee the place a number of the letters will not be crammed in, and then principally slowly it fills in the letter, so, you already know, you get all the Rs and you get all the Cs after which all of the Hs and it’s like, church is tomorrow. Acquired them again. Example quantity seven, this was one that you simply truly shot, so you possibly can inform us about this one.

Alex Mills: Yeah, I really like this concept. That is sort of like, and plenty of church buildings will use this language, like, we’re saving a seat for you. What we would like it to do with this submit was take a photograph of a real seat in an actual church. I introduced my digital camera to church in the future and took a photo of sort of like, the empty room and targeted on one seat. I taped a blank piece of paper to that seat, so then in publish, we cycled via a bunch of names on this so it appears like it’s reserved for you, and it says, “We’re saving a seat for you.”

What’s great about our social media program is that we offer unlimited customization, so in case you needed to put actual names out of your church on that seat thing as an alternative of just using the placeholders that we put in there, you might do this as properly. However, I actually like the best way this one turned out, and I really like utilizing that language of like, “We’re saving a seat for you,” and I feel we mean that once we say it.

Brady Shearer: Right.

Alex Mills: I feel it interprets rather well on social, particularly for people who could also be apprehensive about coming to church, so this is considered one of my favorites.
Brady Shearer: Yeah, we took that philosophical concept, we’re saving a seat for you, and we’re like, “No, no, we literally have a piece of paper taped and it has your has your name on it.”

Alex Mills: Sure, like, truly has your identify on it.

Brady Shearer: So, once I was choosing the names once I was scripting this submit, I went onto Google and I used to be like, hottest names. Then I tried to discover a bunch from totally different ethnicities, and then I tried to ensure like we use the preferred ones, however then we stated to these churches, “Hey, like if you don’t have someone named Jennifer or Mateo that goes to your church, like tell us some people that are your names, we’ll customize this post and then it’s even more uniquely yours.”

Instance number eight, we referred to as this the life is best together church invitation submit. Primarily, within the middle of the submit is a big emoji and it’s, like, a frowning face emoji, as a result of underneath, there’s nobody in church. Then, primarily, beneath, all these little emoji individuals begin coming to church, after which the sad face emoji sort of tilts from a sad face simply, like, a flat face.

Alex Mills: Impartial.

Brady Shearer: Then, even more. Yeah, that’s a better example, impartial, flat face. Goodness. Then much more little emoji individuals begin coming to church, after which it turns from a impartial face to a constructive, it’s a smiling face after which much more individuals come after which it becomes the celebration face emoji, and everyone’s comfortable as a result of life is best together.

Alex Mills: Yes, it is.

Brady Shearer: Then there’s the decision to motion that says, “Will we see you at church tomorrow? Because, you don’t want to make Mr. Emoji sad.”

Alex Mills: Some guilt, good.

Brady Shearer: Oh yeah, in fact. Just a bit bit example number nine, weekend checklist. Principally, there’s three little verify to do gadgets on this submit. The first one is take pleasure in a while with loved ones, that one will get checked off. Work on some tasks, that one will get checked off. Get to church tomorrow.

Alex Mills: Good.

Brady Shearer: That one gets checked off. Instance quantity 10, this was, we took sort of the previous riddle. rhyme of right here is the church, here is the individuals, here is the steeple, open it up and here’s all of the individuals. We turned that into a social publish as a result of, you recognize, that’s simply, I don’t know. You knew that one as a kid. Right?

Alex Mills: Yeah, you do the thing together with your palms, you already know, and like here’s all of the individuals, whatever meaning.

Brady Shearer: [crosstalk 00:11:31]

Alex Mills: I know.

Brady Shearer: We clearly didn’t study that.

Alex Mills: Yeah, don’t watch this episode. Simply take heed to it. It is best to watch it, though, to see these examples. This one will probably be like, nostalgic for some people who used to do that bizarre factor with their arms once they have been youngsters.

Brady Shearer: Yeah, what was this?

Alex Mills: I don’t know, nevertheless it’s working properly for us.

Brady Shearer: Perhaps the subsequent one ought to be like, Johnny Appleseed. That was a Christian track. Right?

Alex Mills: I didn’t know of that till my brother had youngsters they usually began singing it at the desk. I was like, “What are we singing?” Uncles are presupposed to know every little thing, so I just type of like moved my mouth as they sing. I’m like, “I don’t know what this is. I missed this part of …”

Brady Shearer: Okay, in my head I’m combining Johnny Appleseed with Father Abraham and now I can’t keep in mind which one is which. In my head it goes, “Johnny Appleseed as many sons.” That’s not it.

Alex Mills: Let’s do both.

Brady Shearer: Okay. Wait, which, how does …

Alex Mills: For the social submit. I don’t know. Johnny Appleseed goes.

Brady Shearer: You continue to haven’t discovered it?

Alex Mills: No.

Brady Shearer: But it is the factor, proper? I’m not simply making one thing up.

Alex Mills: Yeah, it’s like a prayer.

Brady Shearer: Okay, I’m not complicated a church track with a basketball camp music. Right? Because, that is something I might do although.

Alex Mills: No.

Brady Shearer: Okay, cool. Protection, def- One thing we all the time stated on the basketball man, this can be a Thursday episode proper right here. Once I was enjoying basketball within the metropolis, in Toronto in grade four, when someone was capturing a free throw, beneath our breaths on the bench we’d be like, “Anytime is coffee time, coffee time is anytime.”

Alex Mills: What? Why?

Brady Shearer: Because that was what Isaiah stated we have been purported to do. We have been all like, “Hey, Isaiah’s cool. He’s the point guard, we got to listen to him.”

Alex Mills: Oh my, gosh.

Brady Shearer: Take that ball away, just take that ball away. Defense.

Alex Mills: How are you going to turn that right into a social publish? We’ll see.

Brady Shearer: Go to church tomorrow, just go.

Alex Mills: Man, get saved. Sorry.

Brady Shearer: Everyone needs to unsubscribe from this channel and from this podcast. Remaining example, instance quantity 11, this was inspired by the booking reminders that you simply get by means of textual content message.

Alex Mills: Sure.

Brady Shearer: When you’ve got an oil change arising, I get them for every haircut that I have arising. Primarily, it’s an iMessage design where you get a textual content from somebody that claims, “Booking reminder,” it’s the automated text, “booking reminder: church tomorrow. Reply yes, which equals a confirm.”

Alex Mills: Nice.

Brady Shearer: Then this individual’s telephone replies yes, and then you definitely get an enormous celebration emoji.

Alex Mills: You’re going to have individuals commenting on this publish, like on Instagram, just typing sure.

Brady Shearer: Oh my goodness. Sir, this isn’t iMessage, this Instagram.

Alex Mills: Yeah, like your mom on Instagram is just like, “Yes.” Then she doesn’t assume it really works, so she feedback again, “Yes.” I don’t know, I assume [crosstalk 00:13:48]

Brady Shearer: Jenelle with like, 18 yes comments.

Alex Mills: Like, “Oh, Jenelle.”

Brady Shearer: The church is like, get these engagement metrics up.

Alex Mills: Yes, sure.

Brady Shearer: We’re working on some future ideas. These had been written, in order that they haven’t truly been created and produced but so we will’t present you them. But, these are a number of the ideas that I’ve been working by means of for what is going to ultimately be a future month of the social program. The first was …

Alex Mills: Father Abraham.

Brady Shearer: Johnny Appleseed had many sons. The comments are going to be roasting us for this, and rightfully so, rightfully so. Jonas, have you learnt the Johnny Appleseed?

Jonas: [inaudible 00:14:16]

Alex Mills: Type of.

Brady Shearer: He type of knows it. All proper, so a minimum of somebody on this room sort of knows it. In fact, one of many pastor’s sons. You ought to be better at this. You already know?

Alex Mills: I do know, I ought to be better.

Brady Shearer: Some future ideas. Think about the phrases church is tomorrow, see you there in black on a white background, but they’re out of focus, so you have got like a digital camera where the lens is totally blurred out. Then, the publish is actually just the digital camera lens turning slightly and it just turning into increasingly more in focus, because why this submit I feel will work, is that folks shall be going by means of their feed they usually’ll see this publish and be like, “What are those words?”

Alex Mills: Right.

Brady Shearer: Then they’ll stop because, curiosity, we just have to know something. You understand, I gots to know what this is. Then ultimately its simply, “Church is tomorrow. See you there.”

Alex Mills: Obtained him.

Brady Shearer: Then the ultimate one, this can be a bit elaborate and a bit wild, and just clearly an instance of how I’m method out of pocket with the social program. You recognize those captchas you get where you’re making an attempt to log in, it’s like, “We need you to verify …”

Alex Mills: Choose every picture with a bicycle in it.

Brady Shearer: Yeah, and you must decide [inaudible 00:15:14] Yeah, right. That idea, however it’s like, “Select all the pictures with a church building in it,” and then primarily you confirm that and it’s like, “success, you did it. Church is tomorrow.”

Alex Mills: Congratulations.

Brady Shearer: Received them. Individuals ought to unsubscribe from the social program.

Alex Mills: I can’t look forward to that one.

Brady Shearer: That’s going to be a very good one. When you’ve got any concepts on the way to execute this, you understand, you don’t have to be a part of the social program to do this. We expect that it must be a staple in your weekly social media calendar. In the event you do truly start doing that, meaning you solely have six more days to account for each week. If in case you have any loopy examples that you simply assume, “Hey, what if it was a captcha, but something crazier than that,” because, you already know, every month I have to provide you with four new examples. Hey, be happy to share them in the feedback. We’d love to listen to from you, and that’ll do it for this episode of Professional Church Tools. We’ll see you subsequent time.